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FUCHS Lubricants Suppliers Dubai

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Fuchs Europe

SELTEC FZC, Dubai, UAE.W: www.seltecuae.com  E:info@seltecuae.com  M: +971 50 4685343SELTEC FZC, a well established Free Zone entity manned by professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years.  We are the Stockist with nearly 4000 product lines in stock and use a world class tracking and delivery network for optimum delivery networks and are manned by professionals to handle the consultation and consolidation with service to the industries.We are located in 3 Emirates to have an ease of supplies. In UAE, SELTEC FZC is an authorized distributor of FUCHS Lubricants from Germany, Kobo Chains from GERMANY, Walther Prazision Couplings from Germany, Electronica EDMS, Wire Cuts and  CNC Machines, Fluimax Diaphragm pumps, Vacuum Cleaner,  High Pressure Cleaners, Fluid Mixing Stations. We carry stocks for all major Industrial applications; a huge variety of Lubricants and Greases along with Sales, Service, and Delivery. PRODUCTS Industrial LubricantsHydraulic Oil (Fuchs Renolin B Series, Fuchs Renolin DTA Series, Renolin MR Series), Gear Oil (Fuchs Renolin CLP Series), Cleaners (Fuchs Renoclean Series ), Corrosion Preventievs (Fuchs Anticorit Series), Machine Oil (Fuchs Oil Series), Slideway Oil (Fuchs Renep Series), Transformer Oil (Fuchs Renolin Eltec Series), Turbine Oil (Fuchs Renolin Eterna Series), Heat Transfer Oil (Fuchs Renolin Therm Series), Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil  (Fuchs Hydrotherm Series Plantoflux, Renolin Fire Protect), Compressor Oil (Fuchs Renolin 500 Series Renolin Unisyn Ol), Process Oil (Fuchs Oil Series), Soluble Cutting Oil (Fuchs Ecocool Series), Neat Cutting Oil (Fuchs Ecocut Series),  Tacky Oil (Fuchs Oil Series), Cylinder Oil (Fuchs Renolin Series), Spindle Oil (Fuchs Renolin MR Series), Wire Drawing Oil (Fuchs Renoform Series), Spark Erosion Oil (Fuchs Ecocut 1520 Series), Forming Lubricants (Fuchs Renoform Series), Cold Rolling Oil (Fuchs Renoform Series), Refrigeration Oil (Fuchs Reniso Series), Water Resistant Greases (Fuchs Renolit CXI 2 Greases), High Temperature Greases (Fuchs Renolit Hi Temp 2 Grease), Wire Rope Greases ( Fuchs Doutac Series), Biodegradable Lubricants( Fuchs Plantohyd, Plantosyn, Plantocut, Plantogel Series), Automotive (Titan Engine Oils, Pentosin , Titan ATF , Titan Hypoid) Chains Roller Chains, Conveyer Chains, Sprockets and Plate wheels, Special chains and ComponentsCouplings Mono Couplings (Standard and Clean Break series) , Multi Couplings, Docking SystemsDiaphragm PumpsPneumatic Diaphragm Pumps, ATEX Pneumatic Diaphragm pumps, FDA Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps.Sinker EDM & CNC Wirecut EDMSmall EDM, CNC EDM, ZNC EDM, Reciprocating Wirecut EDM, Travelling Wirecut EDM.
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  • Brand : Fuchs Europe
  • Place of Origin : GERMANY
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